MAX HD: High School (HS2)

MAX HD High School Elite

MAX HD: High School (HS2)




Age Group: High School
Dates: Tuesdays/Thursdays from June 20 – August 17, 2023




 This 8-week summer program/clinic offers the best on-ice training, instruction and development for athletes ready to focus 100% on becoming a better hockey player.

Max HD is designed for the dedicated player who wants athletic and personal self-improvement..Check out a short promo video for summer 2018:




Additional information

Age Group

High School

Rink Location

Gallant Arena, Merrimack College


Jun 20 – Aug 17, 2023 (Tue,Thu)






Event Details


Days/Time: Tues/Thurs. from June 20 - August 17, 2023 7:00-8:20pm

Max Hockey Program Details

  • 8 Week Program/Clinic
  • 2 - 3 days per Week
  • 1.5 and 2 hours per on-ice session
  • Merrimack College - North Andover, MA
  • Coach-to-athlete ratio: 1/6
  • individual skating and skill training
  • situational and combative drills by position
  • emphasis on technique and speed
  • acceleration and over speed training
  • speed with creative thinking and reacting drills
  • working outside the comfort zone, expanding your limits
  • program will provide athletes the opportunity to maintain and enhance their skill and conditioning level throughout the summer 

Venue: Gallant Arena, Merrimack College

Directions: Directions to Merrimack College can be found here:

Phone: 978-837-5066