Program Overview

MAX HD High School Elite


Program Overview 


Dynamic Skating has been the industry leader for over thirty eight years. Our programs, camps and clinics are rivaled by no one! We have perfected the combination of on and off ice training for players of all levels.  We offer 4 types of programs:

  • Boarding Camps
  • Max Hockey Development
  • Day Camps 
  • Specialized Hockey Clinics

Our program offers each player the ability to hone his or her skills in an intense learning environment.

Program participants are serious players, who work hard and want to improve. Our classes are small by design.  This allows our staff to get to know each individual and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Each staff member receives thorough training on the proper techniques and philosophy of Dynamic Skating. This training ensures that your child will receive the best instruction! What they choose to do with it is up to them!

We offer a variety of programs to cater to the specific needs of each individual player. On the ice each player is separated by ability into separate groups. Players throughout the week will have the opportunity to move up or down, within these groups, based on their on-ice progression. It is important for each player to be challenged, and this can only occur when players compete with athletes of the same level or higher.