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Come see the Dynamic Difference and why we are regarded as the best skating program in the Northeast.

With nearly three decades of all-pro experience under our belt, we stand proud as the recognized and respected industry leader for the finest skating skills hockey clinics and hockey camps on the planet. 


We don't TALKthe game... we TEACH the game, period.

We have developed thousands of players over our 34 years. Names might impress you - but we simply let our quality and longevity speak for themselves. WE USE ONLY OUR FULL TIME STAFF, WE DON'T HAVE SATELITE CAMPS WITH HIRED HELP.

Our coaches UNDERSTAND the value of working to develop strengths and to improve weaknesses. Since each skater is always supervised, Dynamic Skating coaches are able to provide immediate feedback. Skills needing improvement are drilled until successful. Ongoing instruction is why Dynamic Skating is first and foremost a HOCKEY CAMP!
Dynamic Skating is a total immersion hockey program specifically designed for the HIGHLY MOTIVATED, SERIOUS SKATER. Dynamic Skating's hockey program teaches, refines, corrects and enhances skating and skills technique... suffice to say, we wrote the BOOK on it.

We DO NOT offer a recreational camp by means of pleasantly passing the summer weeks with tennis, horseback riding, swimming or flag football. DYNAMIC SKATING is 100% HOCKEY!

Success at Dynamic Skating is the result of HARD WORK required over long hours with an emphasis on repetition of drills. To come away a better skater, each player must make a commitment to our hockey camp and to himself or herself. If you work hard to attain your goals, this is exactly the program you have been hoping to find.

Dynamic Skating takes great PRIDE in YOUR child's hockey development!

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